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Colombian Women – Best Places To Meet Them

Every year, the interest of foreign tourists to Colombia is only increasing. Many of them are from Canada, the USA, and Europe. Sometimes they visit to enjoy the breathtaking scenery that the country has to offer. Sometimes, they’re inspired by Pablo Escobar’s story and head to Medellin to touch the history. Sometimes, these are Colombian girl dating that attract male visitors to Colombia. If you’re one of those men interested in getting a wife in Colombia, this article is for you. Discover everything a man needs to learn before marrying a Colombian woman.

Why Colombian Women?

They are Liberated

Local girls are not used to walking down the aisle early. Nevertheless, the dating process in this country starts fast. The two people quickly move from flirting to becoming an official couple. There is nothing wrong if the two live together before marriage. Locals find it affordable to pay for rent with a soulmate. Very often, when a woman finds her significant other, she has some money saved to rent an apartment or buy her own car. Besides, by Colombia law, long cohabiting is equal to marriage. Once a couple lives together for two years, they have the same rights by law as they would if they were your married spouse. Keep reading for more information on how to meet Colombian girls.

They are Emotionally Open

Colombians believe that the closer they are to people, the better. The extraverted nature of local girls helps these women establish contacts fast and attract people like a magnet. It’s normal for them to hug and kiss a person in both cheeks when greeting or saying goodbye. It doesn’t really matter if it’s an old friend or a person they’ve just met. It’s normal for all Colombians residents to start a conversation when standing in a line or compliment a passer-by on the streets. It’s natural for locals, but it’s something that foreigners may fail to understand.

Meet Colombian Women


Hot Colombian women are quite skeptical about local men. Most women have a bitter experience of being betrayed. Apart from that, these girls have a strong sense of possession towards their partners. They won’t just stand watching you talk to another woman. Prepare for a loud jealousy scene with her in the drama queen role. Even if you haven’t been caught flirting with other girls, a Colombian lady would still suspect you. She will be observing you closely to make it certain that you are not cheating on her.

Spontaneous and Authentic

Colombians like all Latinas, are well-known for their ability to enjoy the present moment. They have a special, incomparable manner of letting life flow without worries. Colombian brides are spontaneous and don’t want to depend on circumstances. These girls wouldn’t mind you taking them to an impromptu date in the middle of the night. They know to have fun even when the deadlines are burning and prefer to solve problems as they come. Such lifestyle nay scare people whose lives revolve around clocks and calendars. When dating a Colombian woman, leave all your planning behind.

Irresistibly Beautiful

Colombia is rich with gorgeous ladies. You can easily spot hundreds of stunning ladies for the first hour in Colombia. Local brides stand out from the crowd with their exotic beauty and great diversity. These wonderful girls have curvaceous tanned bodies that shine under the Colombian sun. Local girls are the epitome of beauty. It’s hard to find a woman that wouldn’t have the charm to seduce. Every single detail in the appearance of these brides makes them special.

Colombian women can boast of dark long hair, a disarmament smile, and a spark in their eyes. Besides, local girls are true beauty enthusiasts. They love to experiment with their looks. Thus, you may well meet lots of hazel-eyed blondes on the streets of Bogota, Barranquilla, and Bogota. Truth be told, caramel blond looks stunning on them.

Where To Meet Colombian Women For Marriage?

Go to Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are great for a day game. There are several really good ones that a foreigner can visit to meet local women looking for love. You will also find that many beautiful Colombian women prefer shopping malls as a first date place. A shopping mall is often safe, crowded, and secure. When approaching a lady in a mall, there are fewer chances that she will confuse you with a robber. Sadly, the high crime rate is still doing its job.

Join the Nightlife

Skipping Colombian nightlife would be an unforgivable mistake. Locals love celebrating their lives. They are frequent visitors to nightclubs, bars, and other places where you can unwind with a good drink and dances. Bogota is a major international hub and a place with the most eclectic variety of nightlife attractions. Approaching a woman on a dancefloor or at the bar are the best options. Don’t rush into intimacy fast. A one-night-stand is not what you’re going to find in Colombia (unless you’re dealing with a prostitute. Take her phone number and contact her the next day to prove your serious intentions. The greatest problem with a nightlife approach is that a woman may think you only want sex.

Meet Colombian Ladies Before Your Arrive

Before you go to Colombia, make sure that you have a few options lined up. With the help of online dating, it’s extremely simple. For some love-seekers, dating apps may even serve as the best substitution for real dating. Nevertheless, I suggest using Tinder, Colombian Cupid, and Badoo to make acquaintances at least two weeks before the flight. Colombian mail order brides don’t have a stigma related to dating a foreign groom via the Internet.

Dating a Colombian Woman: Top Tips and Tricks

Download Whatsapp

Whatsapp is the most used messenger in Colombia. Every Colombian single woman you will meet uses it basically. It’s free, convenient, and has all the necessary functionality to chat with a Colombian mail order bride.

Get Used to Aguardiente

In Colombia, a popular drink to buy to enjoy the night is called Aguardiente. It’s a bit harder than wine, whiskey, and even vodka, but it’s worth it. Purchase a bottle or two before inviting a woman to your place.

Forget Jokes About Pablo Escobar and Drugs

Don’t reference dumb clichés and jokes about Pablo Escobar, drug trafficking, “Narcos series”. and criminality rate. Locals are well aware of the heritage they have and don’t want to discuss it with a gringo. There are lots of other things to talk about that won’t make a girl leave you in the middle of a date.

Get Used to Their Sense of Time

Punctuality is not one of the characteristics of a Colombian woman. Being late is a common thing for them, especially on the first date. Choosing the proper outfit, the right high-heels, hair, and makeup all takes time. It all may take longer than expected. If you’re overly sensitive about your time, appoint a date 15 minutes earlier.

How To Impress a Colombian Bride?

Don’t Behave Like an Iceberg. Flirt!

Colombians are very affectionate people. They are warm, talkative, and flirtatious. If a woman shows signs of interest to you, take the initiative to your hands. Lightly touch her leg, maintain eye contact, give her a hug. Don’t let the spark go out. Pretending an ice king is not the best tactic. You risk losing her interest and consequently a chance to meet your love in Colombia.

Be a Gentleman

Simple gestures can lead far. Polite and well-mannered males are in high demand among local girls. Give her a jacket when she’s cold, pull a chair for her, prove that chivalry is not dead. Take her home after a date. It doesn’t mean she will necessarily have sex with you, but it will open the doors to one more date.

Keep Your Ears Open

Try to learn as much as you can about your potential Colombian wife. Absorb all the basic stuff that you can. Ask her questions about her interests and hobbies, show that you care. The thing is, Colombian women looking for American men are very attentive to their men’s needs. These girls will remember every detail you tell them. So if she says she dreams of a romantic date, take her to the open date with a breathtaking view. She will appreciate

Talk to her in Spanish

It’s a secret weapon to win the heart of a local female. Learn some phrases in Spanish to make her heart melt. First, it’s a way to demonstrate respect towards her country and culture. Second, it’s a necessity since most locals don’t speak English. Third, she will find it super sweet when you talk to her with a charming accent.

Do Colombian Women Marry Foreigners?

Colombian wives are open to relationships with foreigners. The girls are endlessly devoted to their land but marrying area men is not what they want in the future. Local grooms are very unreliable. They are great to hang out with and flirt. However, they rarely become perfect family men. Cheating, domestic violence, and high criminality rate push lonely Colombian women to seek a partner abroad. Marriage with a foreigner is an excellent opportunity not only to find an appreciative man but also to settle down in a better environment.

Irresistibly Beautiful Colombian bride


Hot Colombian girls are exotic and charming. These girls have everything to make a man stop and stare. They are mesmerizingly beautiful and have a rich inner world. However, like any Latina girl, women in Colombia need a special approach. Luckily for you, this is not a problem anymore. Any questions left? Scroll down to have them answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Colombian Girls Easy?

Colombian singles have a healthy attitude towards sex. They see nothing wrong in premarital intimacy or having sex with a man they love. This, however, has nothing in common with easiness. There are plenty of decent girls in Colombia. They are easier to hook up than Peruvian women, harder than Brazilian, and equal to Mexican.

How Loyal Are Colombian Women?

Loyalty is a significant characteristic of Colombian women. Even though some think that Colombians are unfaithful, Colombian girls prove it wrong. Dating culture and family values impact the way these girls treat marriages. Due to the monogamous nature of locals, cheating is considered a very low act in Colombia. If you truly have feelings for a person, you can’t even look at others.

Can I Marry A Colombian Girl?

Marriage with a Colombian woman is possible. In Colombia, marriage can be a complicated document-intensive process for U.S citizens. Careful advance planning is essential. U.S citizens very often have difficulties in meeting all requirements. The first step would be to contact a notary to discuss required documents and other procedures.

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