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Barranquilla Women – Best Places To Meet Them

Barranquilla is an industrial city located in the north of Colombia. It is the country’s fourth-largest city that is also known as the cradle of Colombian aviation and the colorful carnival. Unlike Bogota or Medellin, Barranquilla is not a tourist destination. The city is more famous for friendly people that greet foreigners with genuine smiles and stunning ladies looking for love.

Since the city is not very popular among tourists, local girls don’t hunt gringos for their money. They are genuinely interested in a man that arrives at their place. In this article, I will shed light on the best places to approach local girls and what to do to win their hearts. Discover more about the characteristics of a Barranquilla woman.

Why Barranquilla Women?

They Are Extremely Loyal

Marriage with a Barranquilla female is one of the best things that can happen to you. Barranquilla wives value their families above all and will be endlessly devoted to a man she’s married to. Holding the sanctity of family bonds is an essential aspect of Colombian culture.

They Are Grounded And Well-Reserved

Despite the hot temper that all Latinas are famous for, girls from Barranquilla manage to maintain a cold mind and moderation. They tend to be quiet with a man they’ve just met. Once you get to know each other closer, that fierce and captivating personality will reveal.

hot Barranquilla Women

Barranquilla Women Are Of Adventurous Nature

Despite the reserved mindset, hot Barranquilla women can’t help but seek adventure. As their partner, you will be invited to join them in every thrilling activity they take. Trekking, scuba diving, mountaineering, and many more recreational activities expect you when marrying a Barranquilla woman.

They Possess Exotic Beauty

It comes as no surprise that local ladies are extremely beautiful. Their attractiveness is natural and exotic. Unlike girls from Bogota or Medellin, Barranquilla ladies are not supporters of artificial beauty. Their charm comes in different body shapes and eye colors. The beauty of local women is what any foreigner will come to admire.

Where To Meet Barranquilla Girls?

Meet Barranquilla Women During the Night

Despite the laid-back atmosphere of the city, its nightlife is just wild and vibrant. Calm in the daylight, the city transforms into an entirely different place at night. Barranquilla nightlife is lots of booze and booty, just like any Latin party.

Approaching a local lady after the sun comes down is ideal around late February or early March. This is when the city hosts a large party for Carnival.

What you have to bear in mind is that Barranquilla is not a tourist destination. The nightlife there may be a bit lacking, but if you’re only in the city for a few days, there are some bars and nightclubs that you can’t skip. These include the following:

  • Díscolo at CC Miramar, Carrera 43 99-50
  • Frogg at Calle 93 #4343
  • Coco Beach at Calle 107 #5069
  • Trucupey at CC Portal Del Prado, Cl. 53 46-192
  • 4°b Bar at Calle 74 #44-119

Daytime Approach

One thing that is peculiar to all Latina girls is that they are friendly and approachable. Barranquilla is a place where a day game might work really well. Local women looking for love will appreciate a bold attempt to get to know them on the streets rather than in noisy nightclubs.

Even though this city is a less dangerous place than other Colombian cities, it’s still better that you opt for safer places to meet local girlfriends. Stick to shopping malls like Miramar Mall, Centro Comercial Viva, and Unico Outlet to find lonely girls in Barranquilla City.

Chat With Them Ladies Online

Some guys decide that traveling to the city is the best way to meet your love and marry a Colombian citizen. So this is what they actually do: pack their bags, buy tickets, and book accommodation. But it’s not like they will step off the plane and find someone right away.

Of course, this can happen, but the best would be dating a woman online before meeting her (or them) in person. On Latin dating sites, you will find a decent database of Barranquilla singles. Colombian Cupid, Tinder, and Happn are popular among local girls. Even if they say otherwise.

Online dating is a good decision because you can start dating a Barranquilla woman even before you appear in the city. It gives you a solid advantage over males who show up having zero numbers in their contact list.

Dating a Barranquilla Girl: Top Tips and Tricks

Beware of Amor

As I highlighted above, local mail order brides are open to dating a foreigner. Nevertheless, definitely not all women looking for American men want to start a family with them. Some just want to get laid and get your money, so don’t get surprised if you come across some prostitutes in bars or clubs. If you just met a girl and she instantly calls you amor, she is probably chasing your money. Keep reading if you want to meet Barranquilla ladies.

Learn Some Spanish

The city is a modern metropolis, and so you may well expect some of the girls to have a little grasp of the English language. Nonetheless, don’t just rely on statistics and luck. A woman that will strike your heart may never speak English. Before traveling to the city, learn at least basic Spanish.

Learn to Read the Body Language

Just like all Latinas, Barranquilla girl dating is all about physical contact, sensual touches, and active gesticulation. They believe that a human body speaks even when a mouth is silent. Learn to recognize the signs that beautiful Barranquilla women send with their bodies. It may be easy, but it’s worth the pain.

Girls Can Get a Bit Flaky

What you will need to do is to invest time in making local brides trust you. They may be overly cautious about gringos that arrive at their place. This flakiness eases off when a female sees that you really want to know her, not just take her to your bad.

Where To Meet Barranquilla Girls


A Barranquilla wife adorns the International dating scene. Local females are one of the main reasons why you should not bypass the city when exploring Colombia. These women are underestimated compared to girls from the capital. They are like a secret gemstone of Colombia that only the lucky ones can get. If you always wanted to get a passionate, devoted, and beautiful woman, it’s time to approach a Barranquilla lady!

FAQs About Barranquilla Girls

How Loyal Are Barranquilla Women?

Hot Barranquilla girls are extremely devoted to their marriage, kids, and family. They appreciate the strong family ties and will do everything to be perfect wives, mothers, and daughters. No matter what happens, these women will remain faithful to their husbands until the end of time.

Why are Barranquilla Women so Beautiful?

The secret of a Barranquilla woman’s beauty lies in its naturalness. From a young age, girls watch their moms taking care of themselves and do the same when growing up. These women feel comfortable in their skin and highlight it with all the possible methods.

Can I Marry A Barranquilla Girl?

Yes, it’s possible for a foreigner to marry a Barranquilla single woman. Things are easy if you take her to your country. Things get interesting when you decide to get married in Barranquilla. To make your relationships official, a foreigner needs to apply for a visa and face the old good bureaucracy. C’est la vie.

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